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Professional Off-Vehicle DPF Cleaning Machine

This is our DPF cleaning machine to specifically offer pneumatic cleaning for Euro 6 DPFs. This new feature only uses air from a high-pressure nozzle that is applied to each element of the DPF allowing a detailed clean. This means there are no additional liquid costs and the enclosed cabinet design creates a convenient servicing process.


Benefits to your business:

  • Specialised machine for Euro 6 DPFs
  • Precision Cleaning with adjustable air-needle positioning
  • Cabinet design for easy operation and servicing
  • Only uses constant air pressure
  • Can remove up to 100% of soot/ ash in DPF
  • Automatic set and forget function


Product Specification:

Model Number: DCS-18

Driving system: AIR: 2-10 Bar

Cleaning agent: Air Pressure

Operation: Timer Relay Solenoid Valve

Display: Analogue 

Air receiver tank: Direct to Air Compressor

Dimensions: 800(W) x 1440(L) x 1795(H)(MM)

Net supply: 355KG

Power Supply: 220V / 60HZ / 30A

Vehicle types: Euro 6 Commercials, Agricultural Engines Only