3D Print Large Scale

Touching once more on subject at the times, some that really interests us here at MD Spares is 3D print, we even have 2 printers of our own for prototypes and making handy items for around the workshop and offices. 

If you are interested we can even offer a 3D printing service. Although our printers are not large in size we can delivery some excellent detail on these smaller items in a large range of resin types as our printers use DLP technology. 

Thinking about printing on a massive scale you need to look no further than the University of Maine in the US. These guys are boosting the largest 3D plastics printer in the world. 


They have managed to print a 25 boat which has recently been subject to a lot of attention. 

Once of there guys runs a 3D printing channel on Youtube.


Happy reading and watching.


  • May 29, 2020
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