Cylinders and Foil Machines

Welcome to our Cylinder, Platen and Foiling Machine

We offer the following machines with fitment and servicing options. 

Platen 10x15

Platen 13x18

TYM-1050, Automatic Foil,Stamping & Die Cutting Machine

Johannisberg Cylinders

Heidelberg S Cylinder

Heidelberg SB Cylinder

Heidelberg SBG Cylinder

Heidelberg SBB Cylinder

Hot Foil Cutter (Single Phase)

Hot Foil Cutter   Incorporates a circular cutting knife Packaged with 1 spare blade Fitted with a quick-release...
Please contact us for availability and a full specification T: 01782 943435 E: Heidelberg SBG cylinder machine Cylinder...
Heidelberg SBB Cylinder Machine 57x82cm  Cylinder Foil Blocking Machine + Cutting & Creasing.   KEY FEATURES: Rebuilt 2019...
TYM-1050-H Automatic Foil Stamping & Die-Cutting Machine Longitudinal and lateral foil stamping devices are equipped, which make the...