SPECTRUM Nuclear Grade Deionising Mixed Bed Resin - 25 Litre Bag
PRDI from SPECTRUM can produce ultra-pure water with low conductivity / high resistivity. This water, almost in its...
ECOMIX-A Resin 25 Litre Bag
Typically used in a water treatment system, SPECTRUM Ecomix is a specialist media that treats common contaminants found...
SPECTRUM Coconut Carbon Granular 25KG Bag
Ideally suited for the removal of oxidising agents such as chlorine and ozone from process water, the SPECTRUM...
Nuclear Grade Mixed Bed DI Resin - 25 Litre Bag
Nuclear grade mixed-bed DI resins are used for the production of ultra-pure water, ensuring that the water treated...
MB400 Mixed Bed resin - 25 Litre Bag
MB400 is a general-purpose Mixed Bed DI resin popular in Window Wash and Aquatic applications. Formulated from a...
SPECTRUM ION-X Softening Resin - 25 Litre Bag
Designed to provide softened water within both commercial and industrial applications, the SPECTRUM SRSO is a high capacity,...
SPECTRUM ION-X Resin - 25 Litre Bag
The SPECTRUM SRHM is a high purity, high capacity, weak acid, cation exchange resin developed for the treatment...
SPECTRUM ION-X Mixed Bed DI Resin - 25 Litre Bag
SRDI from SPECTRUM is capable of producing high-purity water with low conductivity values, suitable for applications where typically...
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