Getting Your Business Ready For Life After Lockdown With Our Automatic, Non- Contact, Wall-Mounted, Infrared Thermometer.

Everyone is thinking about how life (and business) will look after the lockdown eases. We know it isn't going to be going back to how it was in February so how can you get your business as prepared as possible?

There has been a lot of talk about temperature checks, from hand held infrared thermometers to infrared cameras. But what about a product that tests people automatically as they enter the building and sounds an alarm if they have a fever-level temperature? There is no need to put someone at risk to conduct the testing and this method helps prevent someone entering the building who is a high risk of being infectious. 

This is exactly what our wall mounted or standalone infrared thermometer has been designed for. Place it at the entrance to a site or building and it will quickly and accurately test the temperatures of all staff and visitors as they enter.  

This thermometer will allow you to create a screening station like the one below that will help prevent visitors entering the building and potentially passing on sickness to your employees, ensuring you are able to maintain safety and productivity. 

See another way to stall your Automatic Thermometers below thanks to Graphic Packaging.

The installation above uses a standard photography stand making the most of the thermometers 1/4 inch screw attachment on the base. 

  • Jul 20, 2019
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