Temperature Screening Station - Including Automatic Infrared Non Contact Thermometer

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Automatic Infrared Thermometer - Non Contact - Mounted on a Temperature Screening Station

Entrance Screening Station with your Company Logo

Contact directly for quotation and to discuss station options

Glove holder and dispenser supplied, however please note Gloves and hand sanitizer gel not included.

The automatic infrared thermometer is a stand alone system that allows workers and visitors to a site, to measure their body temperature quickly and accurately establish if they have a fever giving an alarm if it displays a fever level temperature.

The station below is design to sit in the entrance of a building and provide clear instructions to visitors and staff on the procedures. 

Note: the thermometer only is available to purchase on a separate listing on our site in the Protective Equipment section


Station specification:

  • Manufactured from 3mm mill finished aluminium.
  • 3mm thick foam tape strips adhered to the underside to prevent the aluminium sitting directly onto the floor.
  • Matt white vinyl graphics to the front face – customised logo (art work required) at top and bottom of the station to suit your requirement.
  • Supplied with sanitizer dispenser – the station will be pre-drilled to suit this fixture however the actual dispenser will not be attached for safety during transit.
  • Supplied with glove box holder – the station will be pre-drilled to suit this fixture however the actual dispenser will not be attached for safety during transit.
  • The station will be pre-drilled for the attachment of the thermometer with the thermometer supplied in a separate box for safety during transit. 
  • Note to help stabilize the stand its recommended to use a counter weight at the back – suitable counter weight would be a box of A3 photo copy paper box or similar
  • Thermometers will be supplied with 2m power cable and 3 pin USB plug. We strongly recommend that you use this as the primary power source. The thermometer comes with batteries however we recommend these be used as a back up. Please plan to place your stand close to a power supply.

The thermometer details are below:


  1. Accuracy -+ 0.2 Degrees Centigrade 
  2. Abnormal automatic alarm: flashing +"Di Di" sound
  3. Automatic measurement: measuring distance 5cm - 10cm
  4. Screen: Digital display
  5. Charging Method: USB charging or battery (18650 Li-ion)
  6. Install Method: Screw Fittings, Double Sided Adhesive, Bracket Fixings
  7. Environment temperature: 10-40 Degrees
  8. Infrared Measuring Range: 0-50 Degrees
  9. Response time: 0.5s
  10. Input: DC 4.2 - 5V
  11. Weight: 350gram
  12. Dimensions:170x115x140mm
  13. Certification : CE ROHS FCC
  14. 1 Year Warranty from purchase

These stations are customised with your company logo and made to order.

Once your order is placed please provide a high quality logo artwork and any other graphic specifications that you require. Once received we will generate a graphic proof for your authorisation. Once authorised production will take place. 

Please allow up to 7 working days for dispatch. 

For orders over 5 shipping is free.