ELKALUB FLC 1010/1012 Gleit Lubricating Spray 400ml

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ELKALUB FLC 1010/1012 Gleit Lubricating Spray 400ml

FLC 1010/1012 is an oil spray with no solid additive which is based on the extremely heavy-duty ELKALUB LA 1 concentrated lubricant.

It is resistant to ageing, chemically neutral, removes dirt, protects against corrosion, does not gum and undercuts moisture.

When the part which is to be lubricated is sprayed, there is only a very thin, transparent and adhesive film remaining.

The extremely penetrable special lubricant offers a guarantee of forming a lubricating film even in tight spaces and lubricating reliably. 

It restores movement to slightly rusty or heavily carbonised parts and supports the removal of this.

Although FLC 1010/1012 penetrates tight spaces very well, it does not spread across surface areas very well.

This is advantageous for grippers and transport chains, for example.

Recommended Operating Temperature: -20 °C to 120 °C