ELKALUB GLS 163 Special Grease 100g Cartridge

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ELKALUB GLS 163 Special Grease 100g Cartridge

A short-fibrous, green grease of an increased purity and a high resistance to pressure for use in roller and antifriction bearings.

The grease has a very thixotropic behaviour, which means, that the penetration values are almost 100 points lower in state of rest (the grease is more solid).

Because of the thixotropy, the supply bin must have a follow-up piston to put the grease under pressure

This behaviour is of advantage in badly sealed bearings or in bearings with a higher tolerance.

The convey ability in central lubrication units is good.

The grease does not bleed.

Slight pressure renders the grease immediately flowable.

In state of rest, the grease regenerates almost to its initial values.

Under increased temperatures which can result from exterior or interior conditions, builds up MoS2. In these cases, MoS2 takes over the lubrication.

The points of lubrication then look grey or black.

Examples for application: Gripper shafts (also in UV and varnish areas), spindles, badly sealed slow bearings, well sealed rapid bearings.

Base: Mineral oil

Thickener: Polyurea, solid lubricants

Viscosity: 100 mm²/s

Operating Temperature: -20 °C to 130 °C