ELKALUB GLS 37/N1 MoS₂ Grease 500g Cartridge

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ELKALUB GLS 37/N1 MoS₂ 500g Cartridge

A long-fibrous compound grease with MoS₂, which is very resistant to pressure and centrifugal forces.

The grease has been developed in cooperation with MAN Roland and is prescribed for the lubrication of the carriage guide rails of the intermediate systems in R 800 sheetfed printing presses.

Further possible applications are the lubrication of sliding bars, curves, spindles and other open points of lubrication.

The lubrication of roller and slide bearings with ELKALUB GLS 37/N1 is possible.

Base: Mineral oil

Thickener: Lithium, Solid lubricants

Viscosity: 6000 mm²/s

Operating Temperature: -10 °C to 80 °C

Manroland Ref: 80.94S40-0137