ELKALUB GLS 595/N2 H1 High Temperature Grease 400g Cartridge

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Elkalub GLS 595/N2 H1 High Temperature Grease 400g Cartridge

A high temperature grease mainly used for the lubrication of roller and slide bearings.

Resistant to acids and alkalis as well as to organic solvents. 

High chemical stability proven for many years as nozzle sealing compound for adhesive machines at the end of the work process.

Please note: ELKALUB GLS 595/N2 may NOT be mixed with other lubricants.

Before applying the lubricant the surfaces have to be thoroughly cleaned as the lubricant will adhere only to surfaces free of oil, grease and dirt.

ELKALUB LFC 500​ is recommened for pre-cleaning.

Base: PFPE

Thickener: Solid lubricants

Viscosity: 360 mm²/s

Operating Temperature: -40 °C to 250 °C