ELKALUB GLS 964/N2 H1 Special Grease 400g Cartridge

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ELKALUB GLS 964/N2 H1 Special Grease 400g Cartridge 

Good wear and corrosion protection properties.

Designed for use in roller and slide bearings, especially for permanently changing directions of movement.

The integrated thixotropy permits the build-up of a more solid grease collar at the outer side of bearings.

By that, the spin-off of grease and the penetration of foreign particles is reduced.

Examples of application: gripper shafts, spindles, badly sealed bearings.

Base: White oil

Viscosity: 150 mm²/s

Operating Temperature: -25 °C to 130 °C


Heidelberg Ref: 00.581.0188 (Saphira Lubricant Multi Temperature H1)

KBA Ref: L 0825253