ELKALUB LA 8 Chain Lubricant 5L Jug

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ELKALUB LA 8 Chain Lubricant 5L Jug

Highly viscous special lubricant that possesses excellent creeping ability.

Mainly intended for the lubrication of highly loaded chain transmissions.

The very adhesive film with EP and boundary lubrication capabilities, which is formed is extremely resistant against centrifugal forces and pressure.

Recommended or prescribed by leading printing press manufacturers, and is used straight for all types of chain transmissions or as an additive (5-20%) for mineral oils for all points of lubrication which need a particularly adhesive type of lubricant.

Has an anti-noise effect.

Base: Mineral oil, other

Viscosity: 6000 mm²/s

Operating Temperature: -5 °C to 80 °C


Manroland No. 80.94S40-0119

Heidelberg No. 00.580.3275