ELKALUB LFC 1460H High-Performance Mineral Oil 5L Jug

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ELKALUB LFC 1460H High-Performance Mineral Oil 5L Jug​

High adhesion.

Particularly suitable for lubrication points with high spin losses, e.g. chains, open gears, and bearings

The adhesive oils offer high wear and corrosion protection as well as excellent pressure absorption capacity. 

Special aging stabilizers and fine filtration ensure long service life and high operational reliability.

Should be used according to the viscosity specifications of the machine manufacturer.

All oils of the ELKALUB LFC 1000 H series are free of PCB and chlorine-containing compounds and can be disposed of as waste oil.

Base: Ester. Mineral oil

Viscosity: 480 mm²/s

Operating Temperature: -10 °C to 120 °C


KBA Planeta No. L 082 0971