ELKALUB LFC 9100 H1 PAO Oil 5L Jug

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ELKALUB LFC 9100 H1 PAO Oil 5L Jug

The oils in the LFC 9000 series are fully synthetic EP high-performance lubricating oils that can be mixed with all mineral oils.

Excellent lubricating properties, high low and high temperature stability and low chemical aggressiveness.

Excellent air and water separation properties and offer the best wear and corrosion protection.

Show no tendency towards coking and residue formation.

Should be used according to the viscosity information of the machine manufacturer.

Suited for circulating, oil sump and chain lubrication in the high temperature range as well as bearing, gear and compressor oils.

The oils have proven themselves in the graphic industry in various types of compressors.

Base: Poly-alpha-olefin

Viscosity: 100 mm²/s

Operating Temperature: -40 °C to 150 °C