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EGA-16 (Exhaust Gas Analyzer) measures Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Carbon Monoxide (CO), COK, Oxides of Nitrogen (NOX), and Nitrogen Oxides (NO) your car emits. This gas analyser comes with all accessories as complete in a hard case and ready to use.

Turn on the power switch, and tap the Zero button. When the Zero is complete, the gas analyser is ready to measure exhaust emissions. Connect the EGA-16 to your vehicle’s exhaust while you drive, and within a few seconds, you’ll see the composition of the exhaust gas. You can record all the data in the EGA-16 while you’re on a road test.

This valuable device in the hands of your engineers will pay big dividends, allowing you to tune and confirm a properly working engine. This portable analyser comes with a lot of features and options



  • Real-time tuning calculations
  • Single Button Zero calibration
  • Internal rechargeable battery and built-in data recorder
  • Measures up to 5 gases: CO, COK, CO2, O2, and NOx
  • Fuel selection: Petrol/gas, Diesel, CNG, LNG
  • Fast – data available within 30 seconds
  • IRP Printer support for hardcopy gas data
  • Rugged, small and light with easy to read LED display
  • Battery powered and self-contained infrared gas analyser
  • 4 Line Display
  • Store Up to 99 Tests
  • Compact Design
  • Protective Rubber Cover with a Magnet For “hands-free” Operations
  • Co2 Direct Measurement With “Long Life” Infra-red Sensor
  • CO Direct Measurement
  • Rotary Switch for ease of use
  • Integrated Water trap with replaceable particle filter
  • Low Cost Yearly fixed price servicing
  • Print Capability  ( With optional Printer IRP-2)


  • Check for smog
  • Check PVC system
  • High gas concentrations
  • Verify carburettor mixture
  • Perform road testing on the go
  • Find vacuum and exhaust leaks
  • Adjust fuel injection or carburettor mixture
  • Identify fuel or emission related problems
  • Measure catalytic converter performance
  • Measure engine RPM for 2 & 4 stroke or rotary engines



  • COK CORRECTED CO ( 0-15,000PPM)
  • NOX ( 0-1,500PPM)





  • CO ( 0-10,000PPM)
  • CO2 ( 0-20%)
  • NO (0-1,500PPM) Optional


Fuel Types:

  • CNG
  • PNG


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