Heidelberg SBB Cylinder Machine 57x82cm

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Heidelberg SBB Cylinder Machine 57x82cm 

Cylinder Foil Blocking Machine + Cutting & Creasing.



  • Rebuilt 2019
  • 2 foil pull units
  • Can be viewed in operation
  • Available immediately
  •  4 zone honeycomb heater plate
  • Purpose built electrical cabinet.



The base machine is a Heidelberg SBB 57 x 82cm Cylinder                                               

  • The base unit has been totally rebuilt by experienced print engineers, ensuring you receive a top-quality hot foil/cutting and creasing press.                                                           
  • Drive motor & drive control system all CE certified
  • Removable heater bed to allow for cutting and creasing
  • Guarding, four door opening, providing all round vision
  •  Guard master switches providing full CE & H&S guard protection



  •  New style foil pull through unit
  • 2 foil draw rollers
  • Foil tension bar & collars for up to 90mm rolls
  • High resolution 0.1mm servo motors, reduces foil waste
  • Complex foil advance programme
  • Spring loaded foil tension bars providing speedy foil changes



  •  Unique 4 zone design, manufactured specifically for the Heidelberg SBB
  • 1 thermocouple per zone, providing total control of heat distribution
  • High grade material machined and ground to a high quality
  • 4 zone bed plate (provides excellent heat distribution)
  • Bed height set for 6.35mm / ¼” dies


  •  7” touchscreen control set up; 2 foil pull drives + bed zone temperatures
  • Brand new electrical main drive system
  • Servo motor – foil tension control accurate to 1 mm
  • 100 job memory in PLC
  • Push button emergency stop buttons located around the machine



The machine includes:

  • Machine documentation
  • Operators manual
  • Parts manual
  • Electrical wiring diagram



We can provide consumables needed for production which includes:

  • Silver, gold, coloured and holographic foil
  • Die fixing system (both toggle and bunter post) and make ready materials



The machine dimensions are:

  •  Length 3,700mm x width 2,000mm x height 1,650mm
  • The electrical supply requirement is: 3 Phase 50Hz 380 – 415/440V/14Kw
  • Air supply not required
  • We can install and commission the machine anywhere in the world using our own skilled engineers. Please ask for a price.



This machine is offered with 3 months parts warranty, subject to our terms and conditions, which are available on request.



These details have been prepared in good faith but do not form part of any contract. It is for the purchaser to inspect the machine and satisfy themselves as to the suitability and condition of the machine prior to entering into any contract.


  • Maximum mechanical speed
  • Maximum sheet size
  • Minimum sheet size
  • Maximum stamping area
  • Maximum sheet thickness
  • Minimum grip distance
  • Height of feeder pile
  • Height of delivery pile
  • 3,500 impressions per hour
  • 570 x 820mm
  • 210 x 280mm
  • 560 x 810mm
  • 0.6mm (airmail)
  • 8-10mm
  • 400mm
  • 490mm


  • Maximum foil diameter
  • Foil core size
  • Minimum distance between foil rolls
  • Number of foil rewinds
  • Maximum foil roll width
  • Number of pulls per length
  • Pull resolution
  • Hologram (optional)
  • 90mm foil roll @ 12 microns (305 mtrs metallic foil)
  • 25.4mm
  • 6mm
  • 2 full width
  • 760mm
  • up to 99
  • 0.1mm



  • Heat zones
  • Temperature range
  • Temperature sensors
  • Die height
  • 4
  • 0-200 degrees centigrade
  • fixed bed (4)
  •  6.35mm/ 1/4 of an inch





  • Dimensions approximate 
  • Weight (kg)
  • Air supply
  • Machine power supply
  • Duty cycle






  • 1.650mm (H) X 2,000mm (W) X 3,700mm (L)
  • 5,500 kg (approximately.)
  • Not required
  •  3 phase neutral and earth connections 380/ 415/ 440V continuously rated