JGAURORA A5S High Resolution Desktop 3D Printer

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JGAURORA A5S High Resolution Desktop 3D Printer, Colourful Touch Screen, Large Print Size

A great start printer or hobby printer, simple design and easy operation even for beginners.

Please Note delivery time for these printers is Approximately 5 to 7 working days. 

Build Area - 305x305x320mm

High Quality Simple Design

Great simple design with largely enclosed components and a large touch screen display.

Built-in power supply

Built-in power supply design creates a more elegant appearance and is safer for the user compared to other exposed designs. 

Black Diamond Glass Print Bed

Black Diamond Glass Print Bed allows for better adhesion and easy separation once the bed has cooled.


Power Failure Resume Print - Resume prints from where they last stopped even if the SD card is removed by accident. 

Filament Run Out Detection - The machine will beep when filament is running out to remind you to change the filament quickly. 

Step Semi-intelligent auto leveling - Auto leveling reaction module built into the machine making leveling simple and accurate

2.8 HB Colour Touch Screen - The full screen UI design allows you to enjoy the same touch experience as a smartphone and allows for easy operation.

What comes in the box

Technical Specification

Build Size - 305x305x320mm

Device Size - 536x480x543mm

Print Speed - 10-150mm/s

Layer Thickness -  0.05-0.3mm

Filament Diameter - 1.75mm

Filament Tendency - PLA/ABS/WOOD

File Format - STL, OBJ, G-CODE