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JGAURORA G3 UV LCD 3D Printer 2.8" Smart Colour Touch Screen

New arrival to the JGAURORA range is their DLP UV LCD Resin 3D Printer, useful to all 3D printers from novice to professionals offering a high level of details to all printers. 

Please Note delivery time for these printers is Approximately 5 to 7 working days. 

Build Area - 128x72x150mm

Parallel UV Light Array

JGAURORA G3 LCD 3D Printer uses a UV Parallel light source, which give high precision results, the 2K LCD screen has HD masking and give a very fine detail to your prints.

Minimalist Design 

This sleek and sturdy design allows for easy use and access.

Wide range of applications

Professional uses such as Jewellery casts and dental applications, through to home use for toys and gadgets.


Offline Printing - The printer is designed to print offline making use of a USB port from transferring our data. 

Quiet Printing - Do not suffer with noisy printing, the G3 is also silent.

2.8 HB Colour Touch Screen - The full screen UI design allows you to enjoy the same touch experience as a smartphone and allows for easy operation.


Technical Specification

Build Size - 205x205x205mm

Device Size - 232x224x243mm

X-Axis Accuracy - 1.25microns

XY Resolution - 1920x1080

Rated Power - 50W

Print Speed - 20mm/hour

Layer Thickness -  25-100mm microns

Materials - 405nm UV-Reesin

Filament Tendency - PLA/ABS/WOOD

File Format - STL, cbddlp