Pro-Ozone 16 - Ozone O3 - Sterilizing Machine

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Pro-Ozone 16 - Ozone O3 - Sterilizing Machine



  • Reduces Harmful bacteria/ viruses
  • Portable
  • Delivers a completely different, secure and less labour-intensive approach to safe working practice.
  • Eliminate bad odours
  • Deep sterilisation
  • Low Labour 
  • Quick and Simple
  • Creates a clean and safe environment
  • Quick and simple with Service times under 1 hour
  • Limited personnel involvement
  • Easy to Use
  • Use on Boats, Homes, Office Locations



What is O3?

O3 is a proven method for eliminating the presence of pathogens such as viruses like SARS and MERS, and even anaerobic bacteria (the stuff that can survive even without oxygen). 


How does it work?

The Pro-Ozone generator uses a honeycomb ceramic material discharge unit, which effectively increases the area of ozone release. Combined with a powerful turbofan to increase the output flow, the ozone can be distributed throughout the entire space faster for sterilization and disinfection. As well as the all-stainless-steel body design, it is lightweight and at the same time enhances shock resistance, drop resistance, and corrosion resistance. 

Why should I choose the Pro-Ozone 16 over the 14?

Similar to our Pro-Ozone 14 model but increased O3 output meaning the same areas can be disinfected in a quicker time providing a better commercial value.



Pro-Ozone 16

Voltage Rating

AC 220V

Rated Power


Ozone Output


Net Weight


Package Dimensions

370mm x 210mm x 310mm


Settable Times: 1 - 60 Minutes

 35m2 25 Minutes
 25m2 15 Minutes
 15m2 10 Minutes
 8m2 6 Minutes
 Car 3 Minutes
 Storage Box 2 Minutes


 The current Lead time on this product is approx 3 to 4 working days