Pro-Ozone 18 - Ozone O3 - Sterilizing Machine

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Pro-Ozone 18 - Ozone O3 - Sterilizing Machine

Being aware of the need for constant sanitization in all of their environments including their vehicles to keep themselves and their families safer from virus and bacteria. Our range of machines offer an easy answer to conveniently clean a vehicle or confined space such as an office or conference room in the matter of minutes. The Pro-Ozone state-of-the-art machines are portable units which generate Ozone (O3). O3 is a proven method for eliminating the presence of pathogens such as viruses like SARS and MERS, and even anaerobic bacteria (the stuff that can survive even without oxygen). O3 effectively kills the organism, however it is important to maintain the standard preventative cleaning methods. Our machines will deliver a completely different, secure and less labour-intensive approach to safe working practice.

Using Ozone as a form of sanitization is not a new concept, however, it has now become a sought-after service by vehicle owners. A quick and simple service of the interior cabin of the vehicle can lead to a deep sterilisation of the surface areas. The application of this machine is not only limited to vehicles but can be used for boats, homes and office locations to name but a few.


  • Reduce Harmful bacteria/ viruses
  • Eliminate odors/ bad smells
  • Create a clean/ safe environment
  • Quick Service time under 1 hour
  • Limited personnel involvement
  • Easy to Use


The Pro-Ozone generator uses a honeycomb ceramic material discharge unit, which effectively increases the area of ozone release. Combined with a powerful turbo fan to increase the output flow, the ozone can be distributed throughout the entire space faster for sterilization and disinfection. As well as the all stainless-steel body design, it is lightweight and at the same time enhances shock resistance, drop resistance, and corrosion resistance. There are 4 machines in our range to suit all types of situations, so if this one is too small or big please check out the others.

Pro-Ozone 18

This model is ideal for larger spaces up to 100 SqM which means larger office spaces, communal areas as well as all vehicle interiors.



Pro-Ozone 18

Voltage Rating

AC 220V

Rated Power


Ozone Output


Net Weight


Package Dimensions

370mm x 210mm x 310mm


Settable Times: 1 - 60 Minutes

 100m2 60 Minutes
 80m2 50 Minutes
 60m2 40 Minutes
 30m2 20 Minutes
 20m2 15 Minutes
4 Minutes


 Current Lead time on this product is approx 3 to 4 working days