Replacement Tresu D2 End Seals EDPM

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New Part Number: 4002628

Old Part Number: 0972205

Black EPDM Dimensions: 24x72mm

(Rubber Type)


These Tresu D2 End Seals can be used in a wide range of different printing presses listed Below:

Heidelberg: SM52,SM72, CD74, XL75, SM102, CD102, XL105, XL162

Manroland: R300, R500, R700, R800, R900-4B, R900-5B, R900-6B

KBA: RA72, RA74, RA104, RA105, RA106

Komori: L20, L26, LS26, L26P, L28, LS29, LSX29, L32, LS32, L40, LS40, LSX40, LS40SP, L44, LS44, L50

Mitsubishi: Diamond 1000/1F, 2SF, V3000, 3000/3F, 4000/4F, 5000/5F, 6000/6F