Spectrum OilOut - 99 Filter Cartridge

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Absorbing three times its own weight before changeout is required, the OilOut-99 range can remove up to 99% of hydrocarbons.

Principally designed for the efficient removal of dissolved and dispersed hydrocarbons from water, the SPECTRUM SRIF offers a compact solution to typically difficult and costly applications. Using a patented formula, the cartridges can absorb up to three times their own weight before exhaustion and with the engineered design of the cartridge, even when the cartridge is at capacity, no hydrocarbons are released from the media into the water supply downstream.

With a range of lengths and sizes available to suit a variety of existing filter housings, the SRIF provides effective hydrocarbon removal at high flowrates while maintaining low pressure differential. Each pass through an OilOut can remove up to 99% of dissolved and dispersed hydrocarbons, with each standard diameter 10” cartridge capable of absorbing up to 360g of hydrocarbons and each large diameter 10” cartridge capable of removing 1290g.

Key Product Features 

  • Ideally suited to applications with <500ppm total hydrocarbons after coalescing or after bulk removal
  • Cost effective polishing method
  • Unique and effective solution for hydrocarbon removal
  • Absorbs three times own weight before filter change is required
  • End-cap options offer flexibility for large scale industrial applications

Cartridges can be purchased in singles or boxes. Box sizes can be found below:

9 ¾” – 15 per box

20” – 15 per box

30” – 15 per box

40” – 15 per box

9 ¾” BB – 6 per box

20” BB – 6 per box