SPECTRUM Premier Complete Duplex Softener 21x62"

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Where it is critical that the softened water supply is uninterrupted, the SPECTRUM PWS range of duplex softeners will meet your requirements. The PWS systems offer a simple upgrade to the SWS Simplex units. The inclusion of the industry-renowned Fleck valve and an additional resin tank ensures continued softened water as one vessel is used whilst the other is being regenerated, ensuring no downtime. With high capacities of up to 12.5 million mg of total hardness between regeneration and simple maintenance, this range can satisfy the most demanding soft water requirements.



  • Technology: Duplex Water Softening System
  • Material: Softening Resin
  • Vessel Size ("): 21x62
  • Port Size: 1 1/2"
  • Flow Rate (lpm): 116
  • Max Pressure (bar): 8.6
  • Temperature Rating (°C): 42


Technical Sheet - Click HERE