SRO-SYS-2.6 : SPECTRUM RO System 3 X 2521 230V 50Hz

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SPECTRUM RO systems have been designed to meet the requirements of commercial and industrial operators. Each system is computer controlled to offer versatility in use and features a number of auto-flush settings for when not in use. Systems come complete with gauges, flow meters, dual TDS meter and concentrate recirculation valves, to offer the operator all of the technical information required to monitor performance combined with the control desired. These fully assembled and 100% integrity tested units require minimal installation and commissioning time with simple operation and negligible ongoing maintenance other than replacing filter cartridges and RO membranes as and when required.


Key Product Information:

  • Membrane Detail: 3 x 2521
  • Avg Rejection (%): 99
  • Operating Pressure (bar): 6.8 - 10.3
  • Avg Permeate Flow Rate (lpm): 2.6